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May 9

Announcing our $12M seed round

Announcing our $12M seed round
Today, we're excited to officially launch Firmbase and announce our $12M seed round.

We're humbled to be backed by an incredible group of investors, including Aya Peterburg and Haim Sadger from S Capital, who led the round, Liron Azrielant and Dani Roditi from Meron Capital, and a wide group of 25+ prominent angel investors, including unicorn startup founders, and executives at Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Two years ago, Vlad and I embarked on this journey and have been relentlessly building ever since, together with the amazing team members who have joined us.

What problem are we solving for? In a nutshell, the last couple of years emphasize how crucial it is for companies to have strong Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) capabilities. Modern finance teams are looking to adopt agile planning and continuous forecasting methodologies, but up until now didn't have the software needed to do so.

Unlike legacy FP&A tools, Firmbase can be implemented in days, giving companies instant insights and the power of collaborative planning. Our easy to use SaaS platform incorporates powerful collaboration, data analysis and permissions features so finance teams, budget owners, and decision makers can work together to produce the most accurate financial forecasts and scenario planning.

Firmbase integrates with a company’s financial and operational systems to extract live data, like employee headcount and expenses. It provides real-time visibility and together with the platform's robust modeling engine allows companies to quickly build dynamic, flexible budgets. 

With Firmbase, finance teams increase productivity and benefit from natural language formulas, flexible workflows and an intuitive interface. The platform’s advanced budget vs. actuals solution enables finance teams, budget owners, and decision makers to automatically track their plans against performance, and proactively adjust forecasts on the fly.

Thank you to our customers, for their partnership and ongoing feedback. You're the reason we're so excited when we launch a new feature or spend countless hours brainstorming our product roadmap.

Finally, it's worth noting that while this financing round represents an important milestone, it's certainly not our objective.

We founded Firmbase to make FP&A attainable, collaborative and data-driven, so companies can be better prepared for future scenarios and make quick decisions with confidence. As we enter this new phase, we remain laser-focused on delivering maximum value to our customers.

If you'd like to learn more and see a live product demo, please reach out via our website.

Now, back to work.

Tomer Co-Founder & CEO

P.S. we're hiring across the board. If you're excited about the fintech domain and want to help businesses plan better and make more informed decisions, please check out the current job openings on our website.

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