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The hype is real

Over the past few months, Artificial intelligence (AI) has made a huge breakthrough and is starting to rapidly change the way we live and work. It’s a broad trend affecting a wide range of industries, from healthcare to software, and it’s about to radically alter Financial Planning & Analysis too. ​

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We’ve been fully aware of the value that AI brings to FP&A from the start, and over the past few months have been working hard on ways to incorporate the two. ​


Today, Firmbase is proud to welcome its first cohort of FP&A professionals to beta test our AI-enhanced solution. If you’re interested in taking part and trying these advanced features, please sign up here. Seats are limited! ​


Will AI replace FP&A professionals? ​


Don’t worry, we don’t see a world where AI will replace FP&A decision makers. Yet. We do, however, believe a beneficial synthesis will occur. ​


Firmbase consolidates disparate data from various operating systems in one place. It’s this centrality, at the confluence of information types, that suggests the potential behind combining AI with FP&A. Human decision makers will be aided and enhanced by this technology improving accuracy and speed by analyzing historical data, market trends and other numbers to provide real-time insights and forecasts. ​

While we cannot dive much into the upcoming features in this blog, as they are not officially launched and still being beta tested, we are terrifically excited about the value that it provides our clients. If you’re a financial professional and you’d like to get a taste of what’s to come in the world of FP&A and AI, please sign up. ​

Stay tuned for more to come!

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