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Head of Marketing/Director of Marketing

United States or Tel Aviv, Israel

Firmbase is a VC-backed, enterprise SaaS fintech startup in the financial planning and analysis domain. Our founders have strong leadership, product and software development experience from Facebook, Stanford and Unit 8200. Our group of world-class investors include unicorn startup founders and senior executives from Google, Amazon and Microsoft.


Our people are our greatest asset. We spend an incredible amount of time thinking about company values and culture. This is a rare opportunity to join our core team and take on important marketing responsibilities.

You will join an ambitious and dynamic team that takes pride in creating a hugely impactful enterprise product that delights customers and consists of the highest level of craft and execution.

Role overview:

As the Head of Marketing/Director of Marketing, you will have a specialized focus on lead generation & will play a pivotal role in generating inbound leads and building a robust lead generation machine. You will be responsible for developing and executing strategies to generate top-of-funnel leads, nurturing prospects, and optimizing conversion rates. The ideal candidate will be data-driven, innovative, and possess a deep understanding of marketing automation tools and techniques.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Main responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement comprehensive lead generation strategies aligned with business objectives to drive inbound leads and expand the top of the funnel

  • Take charge of building the top of the funnel through strategic initiatives in SEM, newsletters, and other digital marketing channels

  • Lead and execute comprehensive marketing strategies, serving as the central figure in all marketing activities; align marketing efforts with overarching business goals and objectives

  • Own all marketing channels, including web, email, social, etc., driving strategy and increasing Firmbase's online presence

  • Marketing Automation: Utilize marketing automation tools to create targeted campaigns, automate lead nurturing workflows, and optimize lead scoring methodologies

  • Content Marketing: Oversee the creation of high-quality, engaging content tailored to target audiences to attract, educate, and convert leads at various stages of the buyer's journey

  • Social Media Management: Develop and execute social media strategies to increase brand awareness, engage with the audience, and drive traffic to the website, ultimately generating leads

  • ​Analytics and Optimization: Continuously monitor, analyze, and optimize lead generation activities and channels to maximize ROI, improve conversion rates, and identify opportunities for growth

About you:

  • Proven experience in B2B marketing roles

  • Proven track record of success in developing and executing lead generation strategies in a B2B SaaS environment

  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data, draw actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions to optimize marketing performance​

  • Proficiency in digital marketing techniques and tools; deep understanding of marketing automation platforms and CRM systems to drive lead generation and conversion

  • Experience in developing and managing both organic and paid marketing campaigns

  • Strong project management skills, ensuring the successful execution of marketing initiatives

  • Previous experience within early-stage marketing environments

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams

  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration, finance, math or a related analytical field; MBA or relevant advanced degree preferred

To apply, please send an email with your CV/resume to

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